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For the legal tech startups that wants to grow their business without shortening their runway.

Get a 4-step plan that closes your customer acquisition gaps, so you can focus on what's most important to you.


Growing a legal tech business is tough.

If there are holes in your customer acquisition pipeline, you're dealing with...



From market saturation, to lack of resources, you feel overwhelmed by the task of navigating these complexities while trying to bring in more business.



Long sales cycles, skepticism from potential clients, not able to get potential clients to a sales call. These barriers can make it difficult to achieve wins.



Feeling like you have to manage everything from clarifying your differentiator, to securing funds to lengthen the runway, and prove your business.

1. Get Your Plan

2. Close Your Gaps

3. Increase Your Revenue

Need some Quick Wins?

Every Tuesday we share sales and marketing advice and tips you normally only get with advisors - and it only take 2 minutes to read.
Plus, get access to tools and resources in our best practices Notion 

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Learn How Our 4-Step Workshop Closes Your Customer Acquisition Gaps to Increase Your Revenue

Step 1

Analyze the Pipeline 

We diligently walk through your process with you as a potential customer to see exactly what steps we would be taking from learning about your product, to buying it.

We assess the process on 3 levels - Curiosity, Captivation, and Commitment

Step 2

Build the Curiosity

We help you clearly define your differentiator and hone your messaging around that differentiator, so that your target customer knows who you are, what problem you solve, and why they need your help.

You'll get a  repeatable one-line differentiator to pique your prospects' curiosity and build their interest.

Step 3

Keep them Captivated

We help you engage and educate your target customer through a series of marketing tests. We'll walk through the ways that businesses bring leads in and assess 2-3 tests that we can run along with your team.

You'll get a marketing strategy to that will bring in the most leads. 

Step 4

Get them to Commit

We'll help you define a clear call-to-action that will have your customer begging to take, and an automated email strategy you don't have to think about that will educate and encourage your potential customers to buy the full product.

Zuva Contracts AI
Revolutio AI Matter Management Services
Aerofiler Contract Automation
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InnoLaw Group CLM Consulting and Implementation
Ex Judicata Legal Employment Platform
Legal Ops Institute - Part of The Legal Ops Podcast


10x Your Investment

Starting at $5000 USD*

4 Virtual Workshops

Weekly Follow-Up for 6 Weeks

Differentiator Canvas

Marketing Traction Canvas

Landing Page Wireframe with ready-to-use copy and CTAs

Lead Generator Canvas

*Workshop price is dependent on your revenue growth goal. We will always come in at 10% (or less) of that goal

That all sounds great, but what is LOLI Legal?

We provide strategic advisory services for emerging legal tech companies to help them grow their revenue by achieving 10x (or more) of their investment in our services.

We help save you time and money on the things that keep you up at night.

LOLI (Legal Ops and Legal Innovation) is made up of a team of experts led by Lily Schurra (head of legal ops at 2 companies and oversaw 180 legal tech implementations).

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